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Good condition diesel forklift with a 4500 kg lift capacity. Triplex mast with free lift, 5080 mm lift height.

4069 h
4500 kg
5080 mm

Technical information

Power type: Diesel
Rated lift capacity: 4500 kg
The rated lift capacity describes the weight of the load the forklift is capable of at a given load center. For example a fork attachment will have an effect on the actual lift capacity. If possible, it is best to leave some room between the rated lift capacity and the actual weight of the loads to be handled.
Max lift height: 5080 mm
Free lift: 1450 mm
Free lift indicates the height up to which the load can be lifted before the forklift mast starts to rise. Free lift is useful in spaces with limited height, e.g. when unloading or loading a container.
Load center: 500 mm
Each forklift has a manufacturer-defined load center. The distance indicates the dimension from the base of the forks to the center of gravity of the load. The load centre of gravity affects the actual lift capacity of the forklift. Depending on the forklift, a 100 mm change in load center can affect by hundreds of kilograms on the actual lift capacity at maximum lift height.
Mast type: Triplex, free lift
Fork carriage: Positioner and spread
Fork dimensions: 1200 x 150 x 50 mm
Cabin: Closed cabin
Tyre brand: Continental
Tyre type: Solid
Front tyre size: 355/45-15
Rear tyre size:: 250/70-15
Roof window
Work lights 2+2 pcs
Blue Spot Light

Weight and dimensions

Transport weight: 6673 kg
Structural height: 2500 mm
Transport length: 3120 mm
Transport length does not take into account the length of the forks, but is measured from the base of the forks to the extreme rear of the forklift. 
Transport width: 1530 mm

Identification data

Manufacturing year: 2015
Usage hours: 4069 h
Serial number: 517332F00084
Certificates: CE
Country of origin: Germany


Improve the versatility of your forklift truck by equipping it with a special attachment. Some of the most popular extra accessories are featured below but in addition to those, we can supply almost any attachment or accessory you can think of. Extra options are available for rental equipment too.

Extension forks

Extension forks help in handling odd-shaped loads with large outer dimensions. The most common lengths of extension forks are 2000, 2200, 2400 and 3000 mm, but special lengths are available too.
The forklift's own forks must cover at least 60 % of the length of the extension fork. For example, common 1200 mm forks can accommodate extension forks up to 2000 mm.

Lift hook

With the help of a lift hook, you can turn your forklift into an agile crane. You can easily handle loads that would otherwise require the purchase of a separate crane. 

Lifting boom

The telescopic lift boom attaches to your forklift's forks and helps with reaching challenging spaces.

Lift basket

The forklift can also be used for lifting people. A suitable forklift and man basket must be used for safe lifting. The man basket is inspected and approved together with the forklift truck.

Fork equipment

The majority of our fleet is already equipped with either a sideshifter or positioner and spread attachment. However, there are more specialized attachments available too. These include roll and barrel clamps, multi-pallet attachments, rotators etc. We will equip your forklift truck to perform in any particular task.


Container ramps make it easy to load and unload freight containers. Ramps are available for different containers and with various load capacities. They are also available to rent for short or long periods.


Don't skimp on safety! Make sure your operator and the environment is as safe as possible. We can provide you work and safety lights and camera systems including rear-view cameras, fork cameras and 360-degree camera systems. 

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